Cultured Courtesan, Spontaneous Travel Companion, or Merciless Dominatrix:

They say that variety is the spice of life. They never said she had a face…

Just like many of the people I meet, I take enormous pleasure and delight in variation and change. I’m an elite dominatrix and courtesan, but that’s only one side of my multi-faceted persona. I’m also a restless soul and dedicated explorer, constantly on the lookout for new experiences, (possibly) new lovers, and new places to call home.

It’s been said that a pleasure shared is a pleasure doubled, and I’m a strong believer that it takes two to tango. Uncovering new passions, exploring the depths of kink and the heights of erotic delight, slipping into my roles of cruel mistress and luxury courtesan… these are the things that get me out of bed in the morning, and fill my days with passion. I’m on a journey of discovery – are you ready to join me?

Of course, I’m not a professional dominatrix 24/7 (although my dirty mind is admittedly always present). I enjoy keeping both my body and mind active and in great shape; either by taking in the wonders of world travel, engaging in stimulating and far-reaching conversations, losing myself in all manner of books, and working out at the gym.

I firmly believe that by keeping my imagination and sense of curiosity as engaged as my body, I’m able to deliver an elite courtesan and Femdom service which goes above and beyond the expected. My lovers and slaves have often remarked on my sixth sense; the sensibility I’ve developed to become exactly what they need, without them having to say a single word.

To spend time with me as an elite escort or mistress is to tap into a very real part of my personality. Indeed, my default setting sits somewhere between the playful and surprising, and my effortless dynamism never fails to keep things interesting and my slaves on their toes. I’ve noticed that my pleasure comes from the blending of extremes – in my everyday life, intense activity may be followed by quietude and focus. In the same sense, the virtuous and studious schoolgirl I am during the week slips away to become the glowering mistress, cruel lover, and demanding teacher who you’ll discover behind closed doors.

To blend the sensual with this severe is something I’m unable to resist. Once the doors and locked and the curtains drawn, you’ll find I’m a capricious and unpredictable lover – offering my soft and loving kisses with abandon… but never without one hand on my spanking birch, just in case of any disobedience. Our playtime with be an agonising blend of intense satisfaction and vicious frustration, as I’ll seduce you slowly – painfully slowly – and never let you stop begging for more.

Whether you wish to explore my realm of BDSM and erotic domination, or are looking for my sweet and loving – if unpredictable – caresses, I’ll ensure my every attention is on raising your temperature, and making your heart beat faster. I’ll use my tricks, toys, and ever-active imagination to edge you ever closer to release… and then I’ll take control, and guide you through the secrets of my own delight.

Hungry for more?

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